Tara-Kera Charles-Carriman

@FineKeraArt |  tarakeracharlescarriman@gmail.com

I see myself as an artist but I identify as a young black woman but although that is who I am, I will not allow myself to be judged by my image but rather by all my qualities. I like to believe I am so much more. I decided that I wanted to tackle projects which reflect me and my views, who I am and my experiences but also my creativity.
Gladiolus is a project that I recently started in March 2020, which was inspired by a diary I began to write due to the pandemic. Gladiolus is a flower, a flower, regardless of its colour reflects strength and integrity. I wanted this project to show the loneliness and darkness of the pandemic. With so much information that the virus is more likely to affect someone of colour and losing 4 family members to the virus, I wanted this body of work to show black people in a state of empowerment, that we are strong and are fighting. The project also represents black beauty.


Art + Design Gallery

School of Creative Arts

University of Hertfordshire


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