As an artist, I am inspired by cultures, human diversity, human experiences and vulnerability. I hope to share and learn from different culture and people through my practice.

As an immigrant I focused on my identity as a Filipino and my culture as my inspiration for my work. I struggled adjusting to the life in the UK. I finally started to realise and accept that being a filipino is not the only identity I have. That’s why in this project I started shuffling my focus on identity in a broader context. I realised that I am more than just a Filipino who migrated here in the UK. I then started looking at our generation, the new generation and how technology has an impact on our identity today.
I wanted to tackle or at least give light to the fact that in this generation, we are very aware of who we are and also very conscious of who we should be or how we should be and there is this constant struggle of accepting who we are as a person, or even in general. And with the help of our ever changing technology, it is very easy to create a new identity, copy a different identity or hide our identity which makes everything very complicated.


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University of Hertfordshire


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