Space is an element that continually excites and challenges me within my practice. I create work as a tool to understand the concept of ‘space’ by highlighting forms that may not be recognised, despite being continually present. Frameworks that may be overlooked due to their mundane qualities or practicality, yet are structurally intricate and the foundations for many architectural interventions through society. The way I see my practice is simultaneously a replica of what is already existing and an image of what is absent.

I endeavour to question the approach to space through both the articulation and presentation of my work. I work mostly across sculpture and installation but have also began to experiment with digital format, sometimes interlinking the mediums. I spent the last year of my degree producing skeleton like sculptures drawn from observing properties of existing space around the university campus. The ability to view through the sculptures gives fluid a quality to otherwise solid and sturdy forms, uniting and creating a dialogue between my work and the surrounding environment. Creating sculptural installations that do not have a set angle to be viewed from, encourages the audience to walk around the installations, mapping out their own method of viewing as they go. This allows the body to feel and engage with the subject on an entirely new level.

My aim is to make the functionality of architecture tangible to the audience as they move around the installation and reflect on their individual engagement with the work and surroundings simultaneously. Encouraging the viewer to also relate the experience to their lives beyond the encounter, observing different environments and the control they have within them on a more intimate level.


Art + Design Gallery

School of Creative Arts

University of Hertfordshire


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