Opening Monday 14th September 2020



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Daily: 9am – 5pm

Nascent | adjective | 1. Coming into existence, beginning to form, grow or develop.
Ascent | noun | 1. The act of moving or climbing upward.

We are delighted to present a selection of our work, the culmination of our studies, and a glimpse into what is yet to come at this stage of our ascent into the professional world of art. We are showing a diverse range of sculpture, painting, installation, video and interdisciplinary work underpinned by expansive imaginative vision, finely honed making skill and rigorous academic research. We are exploring a range of important issues and concepts about our place in the world including how humans interface with the natural world, the body and its perception and problems of cultural encounter and history.

We are emergent, we are Nascent.

Special thanks to the School of Creative Arts, UH Arts and teaching staff from the the Fine Art programme

Meet the Artists


Neofytos Agisilaou

Liz Black

Tara-Kera Charles-Carriman

Helen Clarke

Batsheva Cutler

Isaac Florencio


Robyn Hayes

Dominique Labuguen

Zakiya Nouri


Samantha Webb

Bethanie Willis


Art + Design Gallery

School of Creative Arts

University of Hertfordshire


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